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Sprint Planning

2 Sep

Sprint Planning – Commitment driven

In My earlier post discussed about sprint in scrum.Today I will talk about sprint planning. Let start with how it starts:-

  1. Estimate each task in hour
  2. Decompose to tasks
  3. Pick Story 
  4. Can do more?
  5. Commit to story


Sprint Planning – Velocity driven

  1. Re-Evaluate and commit.
  2. Decompose task -> Estimate each task
  3. Pick Story-> According to velocity of team














***Image Credit: www.certiconglobal.com


Creating the sprint Backlog:

Backlog Item Task Owner Estimate (in hours)
Enables all user to place book in shopping cart Design Business Logic Bob 12
Design User Interface Bob 8
  Set up shopping cart module Mukund 10
  Implement front-end code   4
  Unit test etc   8