Women Use Pinterest, But They Don’t Run It

24 Jul

Product Manager Day 77: More than Requirements

24 Apr

wasabi geek

It’s been a month since we launched a new feature – and last I checked, no one was using it.

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Six Reasons to Make a Career Change

10 Dec

Career Change is very important to learn new thing and to find a significant growth. Everyone has a different thinking  on this but there is a common six reason to make a career change.
Knowing all the reasons exactly means you can address each one of them directly.
People change jobs for many …

What a Release Manager should focus on his first 90 Days

2 Dec

In my past posts, I have focused on Release Management and written lots of posts like Importance of pear process, Change Management Process, Release Management QA or Engineering and lot more. The focus of this post is about Release Manager job and What a Release Manager should focus on his first …

The Scope of E-Learning in India

28 Nov

Over the years, technology have played a key role in shaping our world. Technology is all around in every domain.  E-learning is one of the domain which have lots of potentials yet to come. This post will focus on the Socpe of E-Learning in India. It has eased the process of getting education to …

History of ecommerce

21 Oct

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18 Oct

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