Mukund Chaudhary has over 10+ years of experience in mobile, web development and Product Management. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology and a Master of Business Administration in Information Technology.

Currently, Mukund is working with multinational company as Delivery Head.

Mukund is having exposure in multiple domains like eCommerce, eLearning, Product Development. He also focuses on delivering quality products by ensuring processes and best practises are followed. He has experience in CMMi Process definition and implementation.

Prior to this, he worked as a Product Manager with eCommerce company which is first of its kind fashion experiment, Which is an exclusive brand that’s only available online. Dedicated to the truly original fashion explorer, they bring to you all the right-on-trend apparels and accessories needed to put you on the style radar.

Mukund has experience in running his own IT company, ( now not available) where he burnt his hand in fire and learnt a great lesson with his day to day challenges and he welcomed all the hurdles evolve himself as an entrepreneur with jack of all trade.

In his spare time, he writes about technology/ Product Management articles on his Blog: mukundtechie.com. Mukund has written books PHPStorm Cookbook, Practical jQuery , CMMI for Development . Interested in reading these book. You can also purchase it from Amazon. If you want to get more details or would like to contact me for any of your project or CMMI & ISMS implementation, you can reach me via contact form or through direct email at mukund002(at)gmail.com.

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