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Women Use Pinterest, But They Don’t Run It

24 Jul


Only 40 percent of Pinterest employees are women, even though the majority of the company’s users are female, according to a report released by Pinterest Thursday.

Pinterest’s ratio appears better than other tech companies that have released similar reports — only about 30 percent of employees at Facebook, Google and Twitter are female. But considering Pinterest’s users are overwhelmingly female — close to 70 percent — it’s somewhat shocking that they make up such a low percentage of the company’s total employees.

Pinterest Demographics (Source: Pinterest)

Even though studies show women are four times more likely than men to use Pinterest and 97 percent of its Facebook fans are women, only 19 percent of leadership at Pinterest is female. It seems to me by failing to recruit and hire more women, the company likely is failing to gain female perspectives that could improve their user’s experiences.

When it comes to…

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