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What is Big Data and How to start with it

30 Sep

In this post I am concentrating only on how to start with big data. However in my next post I will describes about the technologies that can be used or some of emerging technology in big data. However this post will only give you an overview of Big data.
Big data is a buzzword, or phrase, used…

Top 4 Reasons why Online Shopping has been successful in India

28 Sep


Online Shopping is now not an unknown term to the people in India. Online shopping or shopping via E-commerce site has been very successful in foreign countries. The reason for that was people in foreign countries were more computer literate than us few years back. Also online banking transaction was carried on a large scale in foreign countries. Due to which sites like Amazon, Ebay became famous as online shopping sites.

But India has revolutionized a lot in terms of technology and computer literacy nowadays. Even a kid can operate a computer or a laptop very easily. But these are some basic points that I am talking about. I would like to mention some in-depth reasons of why Online shopping has been successful in India.

a) Busy Life

Busy life online shopping makes it easy

People have become very busy nowadays. The work life and also the personal life is very stressful. People don’t have time…

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Agile Way of execution is fast catching up in Indian IT software sector.

28 Sep

Thoughts , Organizations and More... from Jayanta

While the debate is on if agile development model has gone mainstream or not (, there is a strong wind of transformational change of Agile being more and more adopted across the length and breadth of Indian IT sector, be it internal to the organization or for a client.  There is renewed focus with clear and distinct initiatives being taken in the organization to make the workforce agile to be “agile ready” amidst apprehensions of maturity of this model. Starting in the 90s, the process base of this industry has been predominantly waterfall or V model with a little bit of productivity improvement practices borrowed from Japanese manufacturing industry thrown here and there and now, Agile, with its atypical terminologies, roles, left and right segregation in the manifesto is a strong shake up call for this industry in its adulthood. The senior leaders of this industry -more of…

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Alibaba Group Acquires Kanbox(Cloud Storage Service)

25 Sep

In an expansion to cloud computing, Chinese Internet giant Alibaba Group have acquired Kanbox, which is the personal cloud storage service. It has been an area of intense focus for Alibaba Group since it established its cloud computing in 2009. Kanbox which is also refereed as Dropbox of china…

Future of Agile Software Development

23 Sep

We’re using software every day of our lives. It play an important role in our life. Waterfall model have passed ways almost at most of place and agile comes to the picture.Software development industry grows fast right here, right now, and the foundation for a quantitative leap is building u…

How to optimise image using image compressor

21 Sep

The rule triggered by Google PageSpeed Insights detects that the images on the page can be optimized to reduce their size without significantly impacting their visual quality. On Googling I found that Jpegoptim.
Jpegoptim (available on Linux only; run with the –strip-all option) is a tool…

Benifits of Social Media for Business

21 Sep

Social media has become one of the important term in term of business marketing. It helps you to stay informed about the recent changes  in industries. It offers a platform for information sharing and discussion. It helps user to build their online reputation.

Here are some of the key benefits …