Ecommerce:Tips to improve the after-sales service

26 Aug

Biggest drawback of online shopping is the time gap between purchasing and playing with goods.If you are an online shopper, you might be agree with me.Today I came with some of the tips that can enhance the user’s Interaction.

The after-sales period is a crucial time for retailers to show customers they are going the extra mile and to ensure they come back to the site for future purchases. However, the average score in this area was only 65% (according to study), so where can retailers improve?

According to a survey in 2012 most of customer don’t prefers to shop because of delay in shipments.

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Some of tips to improve the after-sales service:

  • Send a confirmation email: Sending a confirmation mail is most crucial to the user’s. When a user completed their order,they are expecting to get a confirmation mail,failing which leads to misinterpretation that order is not placed successfully. This is common step followed by most of the company.
  • Delivery notifications: In an increasingly mobile world, it’s a nice touch to give customers the option of receiving a text message to confirm their delivery time. Again, if you are sending e-mails, make sure that the communication is clear and simple. 85% of companies take care of this notification.
  • Confirmation of dispatch: It is most important to let your customer’s know them, you have dispatched their order. It is better to have dispatched notifiaction by text and if you are not able to fulfil the order, make sure that you are not just letting them to wait. Instead give them a clear picture.Provide tracking details in email or in SMS which enables them to track thier product easily.
  • Loyalty counts: Make customers feels loyal by giving them loyalty points and all. Every e shoppers have a list of their favorite sites.Use your customer’s profile to nurture them with personalized offer via email or sms. Make sure that you don’t Spam their email. Sending 2-3 alerts in a week is enough.
  • Make delivery easy: Important to make the delivery easy and let your shoppers to choose the product they want and offer then an option to return the product. Try n Buy will be a good option if you can afford.
  • Feedbacks: Taking regular feedback from customers will make you enables you to identify what they want and where you are lacking. Good feedback on your site will boost the morals for new customers as well. Keep the survey going and offer them some kind of discount for attending the survey,so that most of them take part in your survey.


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