Ecommerce oppurtunity and Customer Experience

17 Aug

E commerce space is in boom especially in India. Great investor who ever lived, succinctly describes his investing strategy as ‘be long term greedy, not short term greedy. Its about a long term game and you need to have a lot of patience as well. By a report eCommerce in India is expected to grow by $ 260 billion by the end of 2025. According to this report ,there are only under-10 million internet users who actually buy online in India, there are about 150 million internet users or around 75 million households that are ‘ready’ for e-commerce. That a huge number isn’t it?

In order to maintain a long term relation with you customer you need to visualize your customer base smartly and then try to put your strategies which works best for you. Mostly website try to focus on repeat customer base but it not as easy as it looks like. If you are dealing with Indian consumer you have to look at various aspects rather giving them good service.


If you look at this stage of growth of E-Commerce in India , the competition is on price in any commodity category. The good point is that every one is interested to have product in low price and you will definitely have buyers in low price especially with price conscious value seeking customers in India.But there are always pros and cons, If you look at long term, it hard to survive on low margin when you grow big. So decide it very carefully or be cautious with your strategies.

A good starting point is to look at the key areas of the customer experience journey so you can plan your resources accordingly and the customer experience map below has been adapted for E-Commerce and inspired by the customer experience map model created by Chris Risdon of Adaptive Path.


Planning & conversion

Planning & conversion  is one of the important state of eCommerce site.Customers will starts considering your site only once it is strongly recommended by their friend or mouth of word or either your are giving lots of good offers. In most of the site you will see “Register & get 20% off” or like us and get 250 flat off.
When we talk about conversion, if you are converting less than 2% of your traffic, there is certainly some gaps which you need to identify of fill. According to a recent study about 58% of customer abandon their cart and their might lots of reason behind this.

There are some of the fundamental guideline you should follow:-

  • Your Checkout process should be linear.
  • Add description and label to the field, So that user have clear vision.
  • Avoid Contextual Words Like “Continue”. It may be considered as continue shopping or continue to checkout. Be specific continue to checkout.
  • Use Shipping Address As Billing Address By Default.
  • Use Proper validation message.

Repeat Customer
Repeat Customers are the backbone of ecommerce site if you are treating long term goals. This stage starts when customers have clicked on buy button and the order has been fulfilled sussceesfully.One of the best experiences in this stage has to be and may be is a great example for for upselling.Think of customer delight rather than just selling product to them.

Product Shipping

This is a very crucial phase as customer has already paid and any bad experince in this stage will complete destroy relationship with them.Timely Alerts, Fastest possible delivery time and delivering the exact goods ordered are the key point in this stage.Most of the site promise to deliver in 48 hours but failed to do that.

Note that a wrong commitment may be treated as misleading the customer.

Return & Refunds

Sometimes shopping online is difficult if you are not sure about the sizes, whether it fits you or not. So if you are giving a return and refund policy. You may attracts lots of customer. There are only few websites offer a good return and refund policy. DonebyNone  return and refund  is one of that.

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