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Event Calender in Ruby on Rails

18 Jun

Hi Friends,

In the busy scenario every one want to manage his events. so almost every site need to connect their app to Event management.

So we will discuss how to connect your API to Google Account Using ROR.

Google Calender API in Ruby on Rails 🙂

  • Google Calender: a pretty simple and full featured google calendar library in ruby, with optional Rails plugin. A good option for anyone who’s interested in accessing or exporting Google Calendars into HTML or Excel. Though the Event support is excellent, my application needed finer grained control over multiple calendars under each user, and this library didn’t include the functions to determine calendars programmatically.
  • GCalAPI: also a good and simple API for Google Calendar, though it provided a better interface for finding calendars associated with a user account. Unfortunately, the documentation is a little lacking, and there was no built in way to create a new calendar. But, I ended up using this library despite the drawbacks.

GCal4Ruby is a Ruby Gem that can be used to interact with the current version of the Google Calendar API. GCal4Ruby provides the following features:

  • Create and edit calendar events
  • Add and invite users to events
  • Set reminders
  • Make recurring events

To install GCal4Ruby, run the following command:

>gem install gcal4ruby

Sourcecode and documentation for the GCal4Ruby gem is available at

Hope you can make it easy.

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